What is a PAC?
A political action committee (PAC) is a voluntary, non-partisan group of individuals who join together to provide financial support for the advancement of their common political interests. It is an effective legal and practical way to participate in the political process at the federal level.

Why Should I Contribute?
• There is strength in numbers. TACO PAC gives you a way to have a greater impact in the electoral process.
• TACO PAC contributors send a message to elected officials in Washington about the importance of the quick-serve restaurant industry and the economic impact we have in their communities.
• It levels the playing field with anti-business special interest groups that have very large and effective PACs.

What are the Benefits of Contributing to TACO PAC?
• Provides quick-service franchise restaurant operators with an easy and effective way to participate in the political process.
• Directs every dollar (net of TACO PAC expenses) received from its contributors directly to candidates for federal elected office.
• Offers timely updates on political regulatory and legislative issues pertinent to the quick-serve restaurant industry.
• Encourages contributors to recommend candidates worthy of support.
• Aligns with other industry PACs when necessary.

How Does TACO PAC Work?
• Any U.S. citizen can contribute to TACO PAC. Contributions are strictly voluntary.
• TACO PAC cannot direct an individual contribution to a specific candidate or national committee as a condition of a donor’s contribution.

How does TACO PAC decide which candidates to support?
The following criteria are considered:
• Candidate’s position on pertinent issues to quick-serve franchise restaurant owners and operators.
• Candidate’s political platform and voting records.
• Candidate’s financial needs and prospect for election success.
• Candidate’s integrity and character.

How Much Should I Give?
• Federal law allows you to contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year to Taco PAC.
• Contributions must be made with personal checks or credit cards.
• Contributions to TACO PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.